Vehicle telematics tool PHLYTRAC has reached a new milestone

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) vehicle telematics tool, PHLYTRAC, has reached a new milestone, recently logging more than one billion miles in customer vehicles.

According to the press release, PHLYTRAC has lowered the frequency of accidents for users by 19%. A small device that can “easily be installed in minutes”, PHLYTRAC alerts organizations of dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding and hard braking so they can take action to lower the risk of driver-related accidents. The devices can even help reduce gas costs by tracking vehicle idling time and providing more efficient routing. PHLYTRAC has been installed in nearly 70,000 commercial vehicles for over 2,000 policyholders in all 50 states.

“It helped us improve the safety culture because people live it every day. We went from having a culture where people only thought of safety when the safety committee met once a month or once a quarter, but now we live it every day. We show the data, we follow up with program managers and area directors, and it’s a very positive approach to solving a real big issue we had as an organization.” – Lucas Carvalho, Vice President of Corporate Resources at BAMSI, a PHLY-insured non-profit.

“One billion miles traveled is an exciting milestone for the PHLYTRAC program. As one of the early adopters of commercial telematics, we have extensive data that supports expanding the program and we’re striving to unlock new innovations to help our policyholders increase safety and experience additional benefits.” – Mark Konchan, Senior Vice President of Risk Management Services at PHLY.