UK car ownership app Caura now offers insurance

London-based Caura has announced it is launching Caura Protect – a new insurance product that claims to significantly reduce the cost and time (less than 60 seconds) taken to insure a car.

Launched earlier this year and led by founder and CEO Sai Lakshmi, Caura is a mobile app designed to manage all of the vehicle-related admin that car owners endure. Caura Drive is available on the App Store and allows users to manage various car payments including parking, congestion charging, tolls, taxes, and insurance. Features include paying for parking using Apple Pay, receiving reminders when a parking meter is running out of credit, and paying for taxes; to name a few.

“Our single goal is to reduce the hassle and unnecessary fines associated with car ownership and its outdated ecosystem which has traditionally left drivers feeling powerless and frustrated. This is the first step in our pipeline of insurance offerings. Our next step will be to make the claims process seamless and transparent, addressing another pain point in the industry.” –  CEO of Caura, Sai Lakshmi.

The insurance cover itself is provided by six UK insurers, including Aviva and Markerstudy Insurance . In early 2021, Caura users will be able to pay for insurance in monthly instalments.