Uganda’s mobile-only insurtech player SureBuddy launches

Meet SureBuddy . Think: a mobile app that provides customers with free phone insurance or funeral insurance in exchange for watching sponsored ads. Fast five, below.

(1) Available in Uganda and Nigeria, with plans to roll out into 11 Sub-Saharan Africa countries, as well as India, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan; to name a few.’



(2) Currently offering screen coverage or funeral insurance coverage; deemed ‘non-insurance’ products. If the idea resonates with users, the startup will expand its product to actual insurance products such as life insurance.

(3) As always, fine details apply. Re. screen coverage, customers are responsible for 10% of the actual screen repair value – call it admin fee. Also, broken screen will be covered up to twice a year.

(4) To unlock this awesome coverage, one has to watch 180 ads each month!

(5) A partner of Africell telecommunications company.