SureBuddy Expands to South Africa and India

Uganda-based SureBuddy, which launched earlier this year to offer funeral and phone insurance as a reward for watching ads in Uganda and Nigeria, is now available for folks in South Africa and India.

Recall: SureBuddy offers an Android app that provides users with free screen cover or funeral insurance in exchange for watching sponsored ads . In India, it partnered with Shriram Life Insurance to offer Rs50,000 in life insurance coverage, and it doesn’t currently offer its screen cover in India. In South Africa, it partnered with African Unity Life to offer funeral insurance.

Users are asked to go to any internet café, or any location with free Wi-Fi to download the app and register as a Büddy. Later, all they have to do is watch the ads. “Nothing more.” The startup will then use the advertising revenue to reward users with coverage. Tiny print applies; for instance, screen repair for one’s phone is limited to two screen replacements in a 12-month cycle.