Two Insurtechs Unite: MyGearVault and Front Row Insurance

MyGearVault (MGV), which launched earlier this year in the US to offer photographers and videographers a mobile app to store their equipment and get insurance too, is now live in Canada .


MGV is the creation of Jared Polin and Stephen Bellosi; one brings a community of photographers, the other – insurance expertise and paper. Turns out, the startup has partnered with Toronto-based Front Row Insurance, which specializes in entertainment-related risks, to offer Canadian-camera-lovers the ability to get an insurance quote online. Get a feel below:


Bottom Line: a ‘URL redirect’ from MGV’s site to Front Row’s site, while MGV works on integrating the experience into its app.


While on the subject of Front Row Insurance, the digital broker has recently launched a platform to allow small business owners to buy coverage online . “The old model required applications to be completed by the business owner, and then scanned or faxed to the broker who, in turn, sent it to an underwriter for a quote, which then started the process in reverse” – Front Row Insurance President & CEO David Hamilton. Look


PS. We may be biased, but when we think of ‘insurance engagement’, we think of Jared and MGV; after all, we were lucky enough to have him join us in our first Coverager Breakfast to talk about this exact topic. Not convinced? Check this.