MyGearVault Allows Photographers to Input, Organize and Insure Their Gear

You should probably get to know Jared Polin. This is Jared.


Let’s just say 648,551 YouTube followers already do. He is the man, the photographer, and the YouTuber behind FroKnowsPhoto, a web destination with tips, tricks and guides for photographers. He is also the man behind MyGearVault (MGV), a mobile app launched earlier this year that’s designed for photographers and videographers to allow them to enter their gear to their ‘vault’, and organize the gear by a specific category including: ‘cameras’, ‘lights’, ‘computers’.

The app also offers an insurance component and has a built-in questionnaire to allow users to obtain quotes for their gear. Get a sense for the workflow below.


The app is currently available for iPhone users, and enjoys a 4.5 star rating from 63 users.


Bottom Line: Next-Insurance and Trov should be watching closely. Also, that time an outsider with a media influence entered insurance.