Trupanion challenges Lemonade’s pet claims

Lemonade informed the National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs that it has permanently discontinued challenged express claims regarding the speed at which consumers can expect veterinarian claims to be paid by Lemonade. The advertiser’s claims, which appeared in online advertising and social media, were challenged by Trupanion , which offers competing pet insurance policies.

During the proceeding, the advertiser informed NAD that it had permanently discontinued the challenged express claims :

  • “World’s Fastest Claims Payment”
  • “Pay the Vet in Minutes”
  • “Lemonade pays your vet instantly”

In reliance on the advertiser’s representation that it has permanently discontinued the challenged express claims, NAD did not review the claims on their merits.

In its advertiser’s statement, Lemonade stated that it agrees to comply with NAD’s decision and noted that it “does not concede that there was anything misleading about the challenged claims but has voluntarily discontinued them for business reasons and to conserve the time and resources of NAD and the parties.”