Traverse is no longer offered in New York

According to an email received by Coverager, Traverse , the D2C brand launched by Travelers to attract millennials, is no longer available in New York.

Here’s Traverse’s statement: “As of Dec. 15, 2022, the Traverse website prompted customers to either enter their zip code or login. New customers are advised that the product is no longer available to purchase in New York. Existing customers can continue to login to access and service their policies. Existing Traverse policies in New York will non-renew on their three-year anniversary, per state guidelines. We’ve learned and gained valuable insights from Traverse, which we’ll consider as we create future insurance products.”

Founded in 2018, Traverse offered New Yorkers monthly insurance subscriptions for items such as electronics, handbags, jewelry and even ‘experiences’ – “Get $200 a day for up to three days when your vacation rental does not live up to expectations or your flight is cancelled.” The brand had the making of millennial-relevant attributes: unbundled, flexible, trustworthy and even – bright.

In September of 2020, Travelers enhanced its Traverse app with image recognition allowing customers to purchase a policy in ‘under a minute’ by using their smartphone to take a photo of the item they wish to insure and answering a few ‘simple questions’. Plans are currently available in Texas but the app is no longer active .

Bottom Line: Good call.