Travelers uses 3D technology from HOVER

Travelers announced it is using  HOVER  to assist in assessing property damage. The technology transforms smartphone photos of any property into a three-dimensional (3-D) model, gathering measurements of a building’s exterior, including its roof, siding and windows.

“Travelers claim professionals can use HOVER to inspect damages without the risks that come with climbing ladders, and policyholders can use HOVER to submit their information without having to schedule an on-site inspection.”

Travelers began a pilot program with HOVER in November 2018 and has conducted more than 50,000 inspections with the technology for both its personal and business insurance customers.

Travelers has recently made other digital enhancements to its claim process , such as enabling live chat features, conducting video estimates and providing claim payment capabilities through services like PayPal. The company also utilizes an extensive fleet of drones to assess property damage, which expedites inspections, payments and repairs for its customers while helping to protect its claim professionals.