Travelers’ Easyfix is placed on pause

In 2020, Travelers filed a trademark application for a home maintenance service called Easyfix . This free service allowed users to virtually connect with a home professional to identify and troubleshoot home repair or maintenance issues. Similar to Hippo Home Care in some respects, Easyfix was available to all users, not just policyholders. The service is currently on hold, as indicated on their website:

“Dear easyfix® Customer – In an effort to improve our platform, we have decided to temporarily pause the easyfix service as of Friday, December 22nd. We will continue to use this space to keep you informed of any changes,  including whether we elect to resume the service. If you previously opened a chat with an easyfix service pro, you can review your historical chats and account through the log-in button on the upper right-hand corner. We thank you for your continued support!   Sincerely, The easyfix Team.”