Travelers redesigns Constitution State Services

Travelers announced the redesign of Constitution State Services (CSS), its third-party administrator for workers compensation, general liability, commercial auto and property claims. Through a reimagined service model, CSS now offers customizable solutions based on customers’ unique risk appetites to better help them manage complex claims and loss costs.

When a claim is filed, CSS quickly responds with a team of specialists who manage the process from start to finish. CSS customers receive benefits such as flexible pricing, industry-leading digital tools, investigative services and subrogation results that are double the industry average to help them meet their objectives.

“Whether it’s a workplace injury or property damage, companies need a claim management partner that works quickly as an extension of their team. Our new service model was shaped by extensive market research, which helped us create the most effective, field-tested strategies to resolve claims with minimal cost and disruption to our customers’ businesses.” – John Gorecki, President of Constitution State Services.

This new approach also includes:

Responsive and reliable service: In addition to experienced CSS Claim, Investigative Services and Subrogation professionals, customers have easy access to Risk Control specialists, legal resources, risk management information services and medical resources.

Sophisticated data and analytics: CSS claim management tools are supported by Travelers’ extensive data and analytics capabilities, which provide CSS Claim and medical professionals with real-time information to make highly informed decisions and achieve optimal results. Examples include medical analytics, automated social-listening tools and the Early Severity Predictor program, which helps forecast which injured employees are at higher risk of developing chronic pain.

Personalized dashboards: Customers have immediate access to their claim information through the Travelers risk management system e-CARMA and can create personalized dashboards and reports for easier monitoring and faster analysis of loss data. This enables customers to spot trends, view costs by activity and identify opportunities to reduce risk.

“Managing claims requires specific expertise. With CSS, businesses have a partner that can help them navigate their risk management challenges while treating each claimant with empathy, flexibility and personal attention.” – Bill Malugen, Executive Vice President and President, National Accounts at Travelers.