Travelers introduces Catastrophe Map Viewer

Travelers announced the launch of the Travelers Catastrophe Map Viewer, a new capability that provides agents and brokers with before-and-after photos of areas affected by disasters. Searchable, high-resolution aerial images are often available within one or two days after a catastrophic event – normally before anyone can physically access the location.

The Travelers Catastrophe Map Viewer uses photos provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Geospatial Intelligence Center, which sends aircraft equipped with market-leading aerial camera systems over certain disaster areas to capture images and assess damage.

“Waiting to see if your property is safe following an emergency evacuation is stressful. With this new tool, our agents and brokers can quickly see which locations were damaged by a catastrophe, allowing them to begin the recovery process with affected customers faster than ever before or provide peace of mind to those whose homes and businesses were unaffected.” – Patrick Gee, Senior Vice President of Personal Insurance Claim at Travelers.