Tomorrow Launches “Tomorrow Memories”

Seattle, WA-based Tomorrow Ideas , a provider of a digital will service, announced a new feature called Tomorrow Memories that’s integrated into Tomorrow Plus, the company’s premium subscription service.

For $39.99 a year, users can enjoy an end of life planning and messaging tool style SafeBeyond and Ghost (to name two) to pass along family history through one-minute stories. Each video recording is prompted by a personalized question determined by family relationships, and allows families to share the emotion of cherished moments in their lives.

The free version of Tomorrow will continue to deliver a free, legal will and will offer access to a limited number of free Tomorrow Memories for each member of a family.

Key features of Tomorrow Plus include: (*) Spouse Access – Spouses and partners receive Tomorrow Plus free of charge to create their individual will, trust and Memories to share with family. (*) Family Sync – Tomorrow will automatically sync kids, accounts and belongings you share with a spouse or partner when you both use the app. This allows joint decision-making regarding inheritance. (*)  Tomorrow Memories – Create an unlimited number of video Memories your family can cherish now and long after you’re gone. (*) Tomorrow Trust – Deliver funds to children over time using Tomorrow’s revocable living trust. Keep your decisions private and avoid probate court costs.

Bottom Line: low frequency + low frequency = low frequency.