Today in Warranties: Asurion Acquires and AmTrust Partners

Back in 2013, Tennessee-based warranty insurance provider Asurion acquired Tel Aviv-based Soluto, a cloud-based service that lets you manage other devices remotely, for somewhere between $100 to $130 million, according to VB.

Today, Soluto announced the acquisition of Drippler, another Tel Aviv-based startup offering tech support; the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.



Drippler was established in 2011 to help users discover tips, tricks and apps for their smartphones or tablets. Also, earlier this year it launched a new service – AskWiz Facebook Messenger bot – to help users with technical issues or questions related to their devices. That being said, Wiz is going away. Drippler posted the following message on its Facebook page yesterday “As of January 19th 2018 Ask Wiz will no longer be available. Please reach out to us with any questions at Yours truly, The Drippler team.”


On the subject of warranties…two more things. One. AmTrust Innovation Lab is working on a smart connected warranty solution called TapSafe:


Two. Speaking of mobile warranties, thinking of extended car warranties, Denver-based Blinker, which offers an app to buy and sell cars, has partnered with AmTrust subsidiary Warrantech – possibly to allow car buyers to purchase a two-year service contract that covers powertrain and electrical components.