This Toothbrush Comes With Insurance

Austrian insurer UNIQA is now partnering with Playbrush, a London and Vienna-based tech company that digitalizes oral care for children.


Starting this month, Playbrush subscriptions in Germany and Austria are equipped with UNIQA’s dental accident insurance. For the duration of the subscription, parents receive dental accident coverage for their children, which covers up to 80 percent of the treatment costs. Among other things, the insurance covers tooth repositioning due to an accident, and re-implantations of knocked-out teeth.

“With Playbrush we want to explore another possibility with an additional offer to open a new business field. We see great potential in digital projects where UNIQA provides additional services to a product of our partners. In this environment, further partnerships could follow in the future.” – CDO & CIO of UNIQA Austria, Dr. Alexander Bockelmann.

This partnership is the work of UNIQA-backed bsurance, a B2B2C company that connects companies with a large number of customers to insurers for the sake of offering relevant insurance products at the point-of-sale.