This Life Insurance Comes With Spit Kit Instructions

Meet youSurance:


The Idea: life insurance as unique as you, thanks in part to a spit kit. The Minneapolis-based company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GWG Holdings; as is Life Epigenetics – that acts as an epigenetic testing company for the life insurance industry – working to find ways to integrate this technology into the underwriting of life insurance policies. Btw, epigenetics is the study of how the DNA molecule’s instructions are translated into the production of proteins that make people unique (think: why some love or hate cilantro).

Wait there’s more. Life Epigenetics lists 3 products on its website: (1) M-Panel Mortality Test that provides an improved hazard ratio estimates for life insurance customers to allow life insurers to either lower the premiums for attractive customers or to increase profits (mail-in saliva required), (2) a patent-pending M-Panel Smoking Test that can use saliva to identify four categories of smokers: current smokers, recent quitters, long-term quitters, and never smokers, and (3) a patent-pending M-Panel Alcohol Test that can identify three types of alcohol consumption patterns with…saliva: heavy drinkers, moderate drinkers, and light/non-drinkers. Keywords: patent-pending and saliva.

And while these patents are pending, get a feel for the flow, below: