Think Hub International, Think Crop Business, Think Fried Chicken

Hub International announced that it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Wells Fargo Crop for an undisclosed amount .


“Hub Mountain is aggressively investing in its crop and agriculture business. This acquisition will position Hub Mountain as one of the largest crop brokers in the Midwest and Northwest. As such, we will continue to provide additional resources to ensure our crop and agriculture clients receive the best products and service to protect their operations” – President of Hub International Mountain States Limited (Hub Mountain), Rene LeVeaux.


Wells Fargo Crop Insurance Agency has offices in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Indiana, and offers insurance solutions to more than 130 types of crops. It also helps farmers protect their operations with programs such as revenue protection and state-specific offerings. Following the acquisition, the Wells Fargo Crop team members will join Hub Mountain, continuing to service and support clients.


Short Story. Rick Gulliver is the president of HUB International. He entered insurance after making a bet with his dad that he (1) can make some money, (2) make it in insurance, and (3) be successful. That was in 1977. He found an old chicken takeout building in a great location that smelled like fried chicken. He then turned the place into his office. Also, he had a 3-drawer filing cabinet that was, well, empty. So he created file folders and filled them with paper towels. And the rest is history. Sometimes you just have to fake it, till you make it. Play here.