Hub International launches Builder’s Risk Insurance Solutions

HUB International announced the launch of Hub Builder’s Risk Insurance Solutions, an insurance and risk mitigation solution for project owners, general contractors and developers of frame and non-frame projects to efficiently secure insurance coverage, ensure compliance with carrier underwriting requirements, and minimize project risks and delays.

Hub’s Builder’s Risk Insurance Solutions offers a complete solution that leverages “highly-rated” third-party vendors to provide “best-in-class” mitigation solutions and a proprietary mobile app that enables complete visibility and oversight of carrier requirements for any project.

“The complex and often time-consuming process of engaging multiple vendors and contractors for mitigation systems can pose significant financial and logistical burdens. We understand these challenges and now offer a complete solution for clients. HUB Builder’s Risk Insurance Solutions provides appropriate insurance protection plus the peace of mind of knowing all underwriting requirements have been met, and the project is adequately protected against theft, fire or water damage.” – Kirk Chamberlain, Hub Executive Vice President of the Construction Specialty Practice.