Thimble Launches Certificate Manager to Improve Oversight of Vendor Insurance Policies

The free tool allows property managers, event organizers or anyone overseeing multiple projects to manage vendor insurance documents and requirements with ease

New York (July 16, 2020) Thimble, the insurtech startup that helps small businesses succeed on their own terms, is launching its Certificate Manager to dramatically improve the collection, organization, and administration of certificates of insurance (COIs).  

Thimble Certificate Manager is a free tool that helps vendor managers organize and approve COIs associated with an unlimited number of projects. Insurance requirements, including policy type or coverage limit, can be customized by project, and can be sent instantly to contractors with a single click. 

Contracted businesses can then purchase insurance via Thimble to be verified instantly, or upload an existing COI from another insurance provider for approval. Thimble offers coverage by-the-month or for as little as one hour, either of which can be obtained in less than 30 seconds with just a few clicks. Coverage can be increased, paused or canceled instantly and without penalty from the Thimble app. 

Certificate Manager also automates reminders and alerts contracted businesses to renew expiring policies– ensuring that nothing slips off the radar, streamlining much of the arduous oversight needed by the hiring organization. 

“Thimble is known for taking the pain out of obtaining insurance for small businesses. But we also know that our friends on the procurement side have headaches of their own, particularly in terms of managing dozens, maybe hundreds of COIs at a time,” said Jay Bregman, CEO and Founder of Thimble. “Certificate Manager is part of our 360-degree approach to fixing the broken, archaic, old-school insurance industry and putting control back into the hands of people. It’s not just about empowering the small businesses, but also the folks who hire them to work smarter through our tech.” 

Certificate Manager is perfect for any manager who deals with multiple contracted businesses at a time, for example: 

  • Property managers and real estate owners can track compliance of cleaners, hired security and others– even across multiple properties. 
  • Hotel and event venue managers, who deal with fragmented sets of vendors for every gathering they host, can stay organized and alert parties of COI requirements with one tool. 
  • Government executives, who deal with a constant stream of contractors for services ranging from construction to sanitation, can ensure they’re protected from public property damage liability.
  • College and university administrators can spell out coverage requirements for the many vendors on campus– whether they’re working with students or maintaining the grounds.
  • Construction businesses that hire subcontractors can ensure these parties maintain their standard of work, no matter if it’s related to plumbing, electric, flooring or other services. 

For more information on Certificate Manager or to sign up for free, please visit

About Thimble

Thimble’s mission is to make insurance simple, to help businesses succeed on their own terms. Its flexible insurance policies are designed with small businesses in mind, who face great uncertainty in normal times, and are now on the road to economic recovery. Available by-the-month or for as little as one hour, Thimble coverage takes less than one minute to obtain and can be scaled up, adjusted or paused at any time. Thimble has sold over 100,000 policies representing over $125B in coverage since launching in 2016.

Founded by Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz, Thimble is based in New York City and has raised over $29 million in funding from IAC  and other top firms. All General Liability and Professional Liability policies are underwritten by Markel Insurance Company. For more information, visit



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