The Health Insurer With a Parenthood Podcast

HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, has launched the Navigating Parenthood podcast to give a platform to brave everyday parents in conversation with experts, sharing their stories in the hope they’ll help listeners navigate some of the most unexpected challenges and celebrations of raising children.



The six-part series explores the very different lives of parents and their perspectives on what it’s like to raise children with special needs, being a single parent, reshaping your identity after children, coping when things go wrong, identifying mental health issues and how culture impacts parenting.

According to Greg McAweeney, Chief Officer of Business Growth at HCF, the rationale for developing the podcast series was to give something valuable back to parents. “Parents can easily find resources on how to raise their children, but their needs as individuals are often sidestepped or fall down the priority list. There needs to be just as much emphasis on developing and sharing information that supports parents and provides reassurance that parenthood isn’t perfect.”