The Good, Bad and Fuzzy on Joany

Joany’s Glassdoor reviews are a mix of positive and negative for a total rating of 3.5 stars. By ‘positive’ think “free lunch”, “a livable wage”, “parking is paid for”, “the people at Joany are alive, relentless, kind, honest, creative, smart”. By ‘negative’ think: “CEO, CEO, CEO”.

Let’s back up. The CA-based health-tech startup, established in 2014, was formerly known as Impact Health. It rebranded to Joany in 2017, after announcing a $13M Series A round. “We wanted a name that would further personify our mission to make healthcare more human”, said cofounder and CEO Christine Carrillo at the time.

In addition to Joany’s web platform that helps consumers buy health insurance from Anthem, Cigna and Oscar; to name three, all of Joany’s customers have access to a free healthcare concierge service to manage anything related to their health insurance plan including finding a new doctor, fighting a medical bill or understanding out of pockets costs.

Get a feel for the flow below:

Bottom Line: 86 1-star reviews v. 81 5-star reviews on Facebook. The price you pay for ‘paid engagement’. See below: