The Dutch Association of Insurers Welcomes FRISS as Associate Partner

FRISS, the leading provider of end-to-end fraud, risk and compliance solutions for P&C insurers worldwide, today announced that the Dutch Association of Insurers and FRISS have entered into an associate partnership. The associate partnership is part of the open platform; a new initiative in which members of the Alliance, insurtech partners and stakeholders, both inside and outside the insurance sector, meet and create added value for customers through mutual cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Broadening of the sector, technological developments and changing customer behaviour all require an insurance chain in which cooperation and knowledge are shared. The link between the Dutch Association of Insurers and FRISS is a logical one. For instance, the annual figures from the Centre for Fighting Insurance Crime (CBV) showed that in 2020 insurers detected approximately 13,000 cases of insurance fraud in The Netherlands. This prevented more than EUR 88 million from being wrongly paid to fraudsters.

The financial damage caused by insurance fraud affects the premiums of all policyholders in the Netherlands. FRISS’ global knowledge enables insurers to make strides in tackling fraud. 

“It is important for everyone that insurers detect and tackle fraud in order to prevent increases in premium due to fraud. Because it’s the customers, consumers like you and me, who suffer. FRISS can play an important role in this as an associate partner,” says Richard Weurding, managing director of the Dutch Association of Insurers.

Christian van Leeuwen, co-founder and FRISS CSO adds: “We have been organically associated with the Dutch Association of Insurers since its establishment in 2006. I’m therefore very pleased that we are one of the first insurtech partners to contribute to the ecosystem and to use our mutual insights to reduce insurance fraud even further in the coming years.”

About the Dutch Association of Insurers.

The Dutch Association of Insurers represents over 95 per cent of all insurers in the Netherlands. As the representative of the interests of all its members, the Dutch Association of Insurers responds to social developments and links the insurance sector to society. The interests of policyholders are paramount. The Dutch Association of Insurers facilitates an open platform where members, associate partners, partners, sponsors and stakeholders, both inside and outside the insurance sector, can meet. Together with these parties, the Dutch Association of Insurers is working to find solutions to problems concerning issues such as old-age benefits or social security, but also the security of homes or the consequences of climate change.


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