Techniker Krankenkasse Launches e-Prescription Pilot

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the Hamburg-based health insurance fund, has introduced electronic prescriptions, with the launch of an 18-month pilot project.

“In the wake of the digitalization of the health care system, the e-prescription is another consistent step forward. The e-prescription will become an integral part of the care. The technology for electronic prescriptions has long existed – the challenge is that patients, doctors, pharmacies and health insurance companies agree on a common interface. We do not want to build island solutions, but a system that is open to all.” – TK CEO, Dr. Jens Baas.

During the pilot, policyholders visiting a doctor’s office will receive a QR code that can later by used to redeem the prescription by having the pharmacy scan the code.

Bottom Line: Starting in March.