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A Home Insurance Fairy Tale by GEICO

GEICO on hardwood floor, sugar free lattes and almond milk . Play.

GEICO’s Latest Ad Featuring Randy Jackson

GEICO’s Celebrating 16M Policies

A recent late-night phone call in Tucson propelled GEICO to 16 million policies in force . The record-breaking policy was sold recently at 1:01 a.m. EST by Tucson sales agent…

Coke Zero, Pepsi Zero, and Now Lemonade Zero

Home and renters insurance provider Lemonade just announced Zero Everything™: Zero Everything is here! Say hello👋to the undo button for real life. 0 deductible, 0 rate hikes, 0 worry #GoLemonade https://t.co/OEPcnJzwax…

GEICO’s Latest Ad: He-Man vs. Skeletor

Play and share .  

Polk County Entices GEICO to Invest $12M

Remember when @GEICO was considering #ColumbusGA? This time they're going to #Florida – https://t.co/eWU2OEa626 — Metro COLA (@MetroCOLA) September 21, 2017   “It was the appropriate thing to entice them…

And So It Begins, GEICO.com Redirects to biBERK

It’s a known fact that GEICO offers more than just auto insurance, via its GEICO Insurance Agency. It’s also a known fact that GEICO has established relationships with select players to…

GEICO’s Latest Ad: Adrift and Hungry

  Bottom Line: “Uhh I don’t know why my mom has progressive she should GEICO their funny” – Dorgis Martinez, a YouTuber.

A Little Bit of Monika in My Life

The insurance world isn’t short on chatbots. Coverager picked 10 .   1. Arvi Arvi is a health and travel insurance assistant from Mumbai. It is one-year old, and chatty on…

Geico Employee by Day, Pro Wrestler by Night

Meet Hyan Olvera. A Geico employee by day and a wrestler by night. In a matter of hours she can master transforming from a wrestler in a glittery outfit in a…

One of GEICO’s Best Commercials

GEICO, via The Martin Agency, took advantage of Spain’s annual Running of the Bulls Festival to debut its latest ad from the “It’s Not Surprising” campaign. Watch Running of the Bulldogs…

GEICO – Most-Advertised Individual Brand in 2016, Acc. to Ad Age

Ad Age’s 200 Leading National Advertisers 2017 report is out; revealing that Geico has topped AT&T, the biggest-spending brand in 2015, to become the most-advertised US brand in 2016. It’s what…

Boyz II Men Sing for Geico


Better Than Lemonade Not Ice T

Bottom Line: Remember your ABC’s. Always Be Confusing .

YouTube Videos Save Insurers Money

On the subject of fraudulent claims…one by the name of Tim Barnum tried to cheat Farmers out of $32,000 by claiming his Ford Mustang was damaged when his tire blew out in…

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