Layoffs at GEICO: Employees share their stories on LinkedIn

Several former GEICO employees have utilized LinkedIn as a platform to announce recent layoffs that took place on Thursday, August 17. The Fredericksburg office, among other undisclosed locations, was notably impacted.

Jennifer Ernest, who served 14 years in GEICO’s marketing department, recently found herself on the receiving end of the company’s budget adjustments. Despite her recent transition into a role geared towards marketing transformation just three months prior, she became one of the many affected by the layoffs. Reflecting on the unexpected change, Ernest remarked, “I was laid off, along with several colleagues, in this most recent round of mass layoffs after many that have shaken up the company over the past year.”

Hannah Nelson, a GEICO member since 2014, reminisced about her journey with the company. She shared, “When I joined the company back in 2014, I was only 22 years old. I gained so much in those developmental years, including confidence and a sense of professionalism. Many of the management teams I worked with were incredible, and I will always fondly remember the friends I made along the way.”

Mitzy Duarte Romero, who dedicated close to 7 years with GEICO, most recently in a business analyst role, expressed her sentiments, stating, “The past 6 years have been full of so much growth and great memories!”

Ryan McGhee, who had been with GEICO for nearly 2 years as a senior manager and agile program lead, also saw his position eliminated.