Symetra introduces supplemental health claims integration with Nayya

Symetra announced it is partnering with Nayya using Nayya Claims for group supplemental health employer customers and their employees.

This service automates the identification and submission of claims to increase filing rates among eligible employees, ensuring they receive their entitled benefits. This process allows for more efficient claims processing and payment by Symetra, offering a seamless experience for employees with the support of advanced data analysis and automated claims decisions. Nayya handles the initial claim filing, while Symetra takes care of processing and payment.

“We’re proud to be expanding our partnership with Symetra, a recognized leader in the insurance and benefits space, to create a more family-centric supplemental health insurance space. Symetra is taking an innovative, consumer-focused stance that not only fosters a more seamless user experience but drives efficiencies and helps set a new standard for supplemental claims utilization across the industry.”- Sina Chehrazi, Chief Executive Officer, Nayya.

“Symetra is committed to helping employers offer their employees the tools and support they need to make the most of their group supplemental health benefits. The Nayya Claims platform allows us to deliver the kind of frictionless experience employees are looking for with an easy-to-use process that efficiently processes and pays claims.” – Todd Dzen, vice president, Product Management & Voluntary Practice Lead, Benefits Division.

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