Sureify, CalcFocus join forces to reimagine life insurance illustrations

Cutting-edge companies with complementary digital capabilities will
simplify access, shorten sales cycle

SAN JOSE, CA, USA – Insurtech pioneer Sureify has announced an alliance with CalcFocus to further reimagine life insurance for the 21st century. The partnership is expected to simplify access to valuable illustration information for life insurers by providing a digital link to data within the client sales experience.

Carriers currently utilizing Sureify’s Lifetime product suite can easily integrate CalcFocus tools to enhance their advanced sales and service capabilities. Agents will be able to initiate CalcFocus illustrations from within Sureify’s digital experiences, with data seamlessly passing between systems to eliminate the duplication of user effort. Integrating CalcFocus with Sureify shortens the sales cycle and allows agents to engage clients in a discussion and realize real-time buy-in.

“The CalcFocus team shares Sureify’s commitment to customer success,” said Brian Mulconrey, Sureify’s Senior Vice President for Customer Success. “State-of-the-art interactive graphs and robo-advice, paired with the CalcFocus new business and in-force illustration platform, position them as the ultimate in the marketplace today. I am very excited about where this relationship can take us, and where it can take our carriers.”

“Sureify and CalcFocus both recognize that quality application processing often initiates from illustration and quote displays and documents”, said Bob Oakes, CalcFocus Chief Customer Officer. “Our combined efforts achieve a future state cloud solution to enable straight-through end-to-end processing. Backed by CalcFocus’ myriad APIs, Sureify’s beautiful user experience can offer more depth to the insurance vertical. I welcome our powerful alliance.”

To learn more about the integrations that are already revolutionizing the industry, or to schedule a discussion about how the new partnership can help life insurers/annuity providers to modernize, please contact Lori Zinaich at (704) 957-3773.

About Sureify
Sureify’s mission is to modernize the life insurance and annuity industry by helping carriers acquire, service and engage their customers through any distribution channel. Sureify’s products–LifetimeACQUIRE, LifetimeAGENT, LifetimeENGAGE, LifetimeSERVICE and CoreCONNECT–provide insurers with the innovative tech tools they need to advance within the life insurance industry. These tools empower carriers, agents, employees and customers within the life insurance realm to have the digital experiences workers and consumers have come to expect in the current rapidly advancing tech climate. Sureify’s diverse team works to continually bring the most advanced thinking, approaches and solutions to the insurance industry. Learn more at

About CalcFocus
CalcFocus was founded in 2013 by a group of insurance technology veterans in response to seismic changes in the life and annuity industry landscape. CalcFocus Forecast Illustration and Achieve Administration products are cloud-hosted web services to augment or replace selected legacy illustration and policy administration functionality; and CalcFocus services may be orchestrated to become a comprehensive enterprise policy administration and illustration platform. The CalcFocus platform was designed with a pragmatic approach to configurability and a dogmatic approach to quality. Learn more at

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