Sunrise partners with Chubb

Swiss telecommunications company Sunrise is introducing its device-as-a-service offering, which bundles different smartphone services and features into one package.

The company’s latest addition, Flex Upgrade, includes an insurance offering by Chubb which helped create the new package that combines purchasing, exchanging, and insuring smartphones and tablets.

The coverage offers worldwide protection against theft and damage and allows customers to upgrade to a new device anytime and for any reason, even if they’re in the middle of a contract or their device has been damaged or stolen.

Accidental damage repairs can be handled by visiting an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider after submitting a claim to Chubb.

“We’re taking an important step into the Device-as-a-Service business today. With Flex Upgrade, we’re offering an exclusive, new and innovative way to acquire smartphones and tablets as a comprehensive service, and one that helps our customers purchase devices more sustainably. We’re the first supplier in Switzerland, and perhaps even in the world, whose customers can exchange a device for a new one at no additional cost or have it repaired for a moderate fee. And they can do so as often as they want. When customers upgrade, we cover the cost of their previous device plan, a feature that’s particularly welcome to them.” – André Krause, CEO of Sunrise.