Oriental Insurance launches new coverage with Chubb

Oriental Insurance is introducing a new personal accident insurance product in partnership with Chubb Insurance Co. of Puerto Rico.

The product, which is available online through Chubb Studio, offers up to $75k in case of accidental death. The product also includes coverage for funeral expenses, ambulance services, and broken bones.

Oriental Insurance is a subsidiary of OFG Bancorp, which also owns Oriental Bank, one of the largest banks in Puerto Rico.

“At Oriental Insurance, we seek to offer our customers digital tools that facilitate the processes when quoting or purchasing insurance. With this platform, customers will be able to carry out the process from wherever they want, whenever they want from any computer, tablet or cellphone. It’s an easy, fast and safe process. After completing the entire process, the customer will have the policy information immediately.” – Ivelisse Valentín, director of insurance at Oriental.

“Partnerships are essential to reach a broader audience. Incorporating digital insurance integrated into the transaction flow of companies like Oriental Insurance allows them to deliver personalized insurance adapted to needs, services and loyalty to their clients and Chubb to continue promoting the insurance culture in the country.” – Javier Méndez, vice president of Chubb.