Sun Life US partners with Somatus

Sun Life US has selected Somatus as a preferred partner to advance its goal of enhancing access to care and managing escalating expenses. Through this collaboration, Somatus will provide a tailored care model for Sun Life’s stop-loss members with late-stage kidney disease and heart disease, two prevalent conditions highlighted in Sun Life’s annual High Cost Claims report.

Sun Life’s initiative, Kidney Care 360 and Heart Care 360, targets distinct patient groups but employs a unified care management approach that extends Sun Life’s Clinical 360 program. Clinical 360 integrates data analytics and clinical expertise to enhance patient care and outcomes while curbing expenses. Working with Sun Life’s clients, Clinical 360 will identify members who stand to benefit most from partnering with Somatus’ multidisciplinary care team to develop personalized care plans tailored to their needs and preferences, including home health services.

“Healthcare costs and access are two of the biggest challenges Americans face when trying to address a health condition. Sun Life is committed to finding ways to directly impact access and quality of care so that our members can experience better health outcomes. We are pleased to partner with Somatus so that our members with kidney or congestive heart disease will receive coordinated, personalized care that improves their health and reduces costs for our clients.” – Jennifer Collier, president, Health and Risk Solutions, Sun Life US.