Sun Life US opens office in Hartford’s Gold Building

On November 14, the Sun Life Financial subsidiary in the US hosted a ceremony to formally launch its new office at One Financial Plaza, also referred to as “The Gold Building” in Hartford.

The office reflects the company’s approach to the future of work, which prioritizes group collaboration and event space in the office and allows employees to decide for themselves each day whether they will work from the office or home.

“Hartford continues to be a top market for talent in our industry, and we want to provide a modern, exciting place to work, even as employees choose when to use the office. We want the office to be a magnet, not a mandate, where employees want to gather for team, project or client meetings. We’re excited for our employees to have a workspace that promotes both productivity and wellness, alongside direct access to downtown Hartford and all it has to offer.” – Dan Fishbein, M.D., president of Sun Life US .

The space accommodates up to 450 people, and more than 400 Sun Life US employees currently live within commuting distance. It features the “Collaboration Arena” for groups to meet and share ideas, the “Library” for quiet, heads-down work and the “Village” for socializing. Employees have access to treadmill desks, a relaxation room, a “quiet” room for meditation or prayer, serene moss walls and a ping-pong table.

In addition to Hartford, the company has office hubs in Kansas City, Mo.; Wellesley, Mass.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Waterford, Ireland; and a new office under construction in Portland, Maine. All offices are being designed with the future-of-work approach and amenities.