State Farm Customer Service Gets 4 out of 5 Stars

In’s recently published report, State Farm customer reviews received a rating of four out of five stars.

State Farm has been one of the most popular insurance providers in the U.S. for decades, and researched and shared its best qualities and things to watch out for.

Pros of State Farm

State Farm has many positive aspects, several of which are outlined below.

State Farm Discounts

The Drive Safe and Save usage-based program is one of the best ways to earn a discount on a car insurance policy with State Farm. Good drivers can save as much as 30% on their premiums.

State Farm also offers discounts for bundling policies, getting good grades, maintaining a good driving record, and being a military member.

State Farm’s Financial Stability

State Farm consistently ranks among the best in financial stability ratings. A.M. Best is an independent rating agency that grades insurance companies on their current and future financial stability.

State Farm has been awarded the excellent grade of A++. Additionally, reports that its net worth exceeds $150 billion, and its net income exceeds $1 billion.

This strong financial position indicates that State Farm will have the resources to pay claims even if a widespread disaster from a catastrophic storm strikes a region.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

While some customers are unhappy, most give positive reviews, which has led to State Farm consistently ranking among the top ten home and auto insurance providers.

One aspect of State Farm’s business model that customers appreciate most is the network of local agents. Policyholders can get to know their agent, call, and get answers to questions from someone who understands the regional risks and culture.

Availability of Insurance Policies

State Farm writes policies in all 50 states. Even in states where insurance coverage is hard to secure, like Florida and California, homeowners may have a chance with State Farm, depending on where they live.

Another benefit of State Farm being available in every state is that when a policyholder moves, they can keep a similar policy by transferring to a local agent in their new state.

Cons of State Farm

Overall, State Farm is one of the highest-rated insurance providers. Still, there are some things that customers do not like.

Home Insurance Claims Processing found that one commonly recurring complaint is that home insurance claims can take longer than they should to be processed, leaving homeowners in limbo for weeks or even months. 

State Farm May Not Be the Best Fit

While State Farm is a good fit for many people, some will discover that they can get a better rate with a different company. It’s not recommended to pay more for coverage than necessary. 

Drivers and homeowners should compare insurance quotes to find the best fit for their unique situation and needs.

State Farm Mobile

While having local agents is generally viewed as a benefit, people still like to be able to access their accounts and manage claims on their mobile app. The mobile app makes this possible.

State Farm also offers banking services, and customers can manage their financial accounts through the same app. 

In addition to the app, State Farm offers customers the option of joining a usage-based program through their phones. There are two different programs:

  • Steer Clear – This program is designed for new drivers through 25 years old. Using this app can earn teens and young adults discounts. The app is also intended to provide feedback to help drivers improve their habits.
  • Drive Safe and Save – This program is for drivers over 25 years old. The better the user’s driving habits, the more of a discount they can receive.

State Farm also makes it easy to get information about cars customers are considering. From providing advice to generating quotes, customers can better understand how much the car they’re considering will cost them in total ownership costs.

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