Southern Farm Bureau launches deductible rewards program using Arity’s data

Multi-line regional property and casualty insurance company Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company has launched DriveDown, a mobile telematics insurance product that rewards customers for safe driving. The app provides feedback on how a person drives to help improve driving and reduce auto policy deductible.



“Safe driving is a very important issue for Southern Farm Bureau, and we are always looking for ways to protect our customers from the hazards of the road. With Arity’s deep expertise in insurance telematics, wealth of data insights through its 400+ billion miles of driving data, country-wide regulatory approval of its driver score, and engaging app design, we believe no other partner would be able to help us get our customers the experience, accuracy, transparency, and rewards that they deserve.” – Ben Kimmons, Southern Farm Bureau’s vice president, Actuary and Research and Development.

Using Arity’s mobility data analytics, Southern Farm Bureau arms drivers with insights about how they drive and feedback on how they can improve, which enables them to be not only be safer on the roads, but also able to lower their deductible in the event of a covered loss.

“As drivers continue to request insurance pricing that reflects their individual driving habits, it’s especially important for companies to leverage the power of telematics and empower drivers to use their data for their own benefit, especially during a major disruption, like COVID-19. Arity is excited to partner with Southern Farm Bureau in bringing DriveDown to its customers and deliver insights that can help make the roads safer.” – Gina Minick, insurance product director at Arity .