Solving the Wrong Challenge

NYC-based Mirum Agency is “a borderless agency of over 2500 digital experts, storytellers, technologists, makers and relentlessly curious minds.”

Mirum Agency was also the partner of LähiTapiola, a general insurer with approximately 300 locations around Finland. And LähiTapiola was challenged:

“LähiTapiola was seeking to improve their connection to urban single and DINK households and to increase their interest in insurances. The core challenge the Finnish insurance company had to tackle was that many urbanites found insurances tricky and confusing.”

“From the very beginning it was clear that these challenges would not be solved solely through marketing communications. The results from LähiTapiola’s broad user interviews brought an entirely new business and service model into our consideration. With this new service LähiTapiola wanted to challenge the insurance industry’s traditional, office-based operating model and to truly address their customers’ modern needs. They also wanted to make insurance purchases and dealing with insurance-related matters easy and transparent through a more clear-cut and customer-friendly tone of voice, smooth purchase process, and improved usability.”

The challenge was accepted by Mirum, which offered “a fully digital insurance bundle” as a solution. That solution had a name – Nippu – launched in December 2017. But it was no xmas miracle; despite being dubbed ‘a miracle bunch.’

Nippu was a bundled home, travel and accident insurance wrapped up in the convenience of a fully digital service with a positive tone of voice but not an actual tone of voice because ‘human contact‘ is traditional. “We planned, tested and built the new service all the way from the concept planning, product and brand strategy, design and identity, user experience and user interface to the product launch marketing campaign,” said Mirum in a case study.


Case closed.