LähiTapiola Invests in Verso Food

LähiTapiola invests EUR 3 million in the company and joins Verso Food in addition to previous Finnish family businesses and other private investors. The company known for its Härkis products is supported by growth and internationalization.



Verso Food is growing strongly and internationalizing in big steps. The company’s domestic beetroot products are sold in addition to Finland in Sweden and the Netherlands. Verso Food’s support for growth targets is now also linked by the LähiTapiola Mutual Insurance Company and the LähiTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company, which invested around EUR 3 million in growth companies. More than half of the investment is new funding for Verso Food.


The Middle East’s investment will enable Verso Food to invest more and more in growth and internationalization. Financing supports the strengthening of the organization, the commercialization of new products and product categories, and the expansion of its operations into new markets.


“We have strong growth plans, and with this funding we can boost the pace to grow Verso Food as an international company. We appreciate the fact that the Finnish LähiTapiola wants to go with us to build an international success story for our domestic nutrition.” – Tomi Järvenlä, Managing Director of Verso Food.


“Verso Food’s good investment return potential is supported by the strong global growth of the herbal food market. Verso Food’s products are also environmentally friendly and healthy. As a life-security company, we want to be involved in financing such domestic companies.” – Juha Malm , Investment Manager at LähiTapiola.


Verso Food refines Finnish herbaceous herbs from herbal origin. In Finland, the company’s most famous brand is Härkis, and the company uses the brand Fava Mill in the world. Verso Food’s growth has been rapid. In 2017, Verso Food’s turnover tripled from the previous year to EUR 6.0 million, compared with EUR 2.1 million in 2016.