SIMON Markets partners with Insurance Technologies

Insurance Technologies, a provider of sales and regulatory automation solutions for the insurance and financial services industries, has partnered with SIMON . SIMON’s cloud-based annuities platform will integrate Insurance Technologies FireLight® to allow financial professionals to generate annuity illustrations from the same platform they use to access annuity contracts.

The decision to partner with Insurance Technologies was driven by SIMON’s focus on providing a seamless digital experience for financial professionals seeking to incorporate annuity products into their clients’ portfolios. “By partnering with Insurance Technologies, we’re turning manual and time intensive workflows into a simplified process, centralized in one location. Together, we’re empowering advisors—delivering new tools with greater efficiency, and the differentiation they seek to provide holistic services to their clients,” said Daniel Spector, SIMON’s Head of Client Integration.

“By implementing FireLight, SIMON now offers advisors a new capability that was not previously available to the market and new product solutions for their clients—providing a win-win for the industry.” – Doug Massey, EVP of sales and relationship management at Insurance Technologies.

The new integration supports SIMON’s commitment to providing an experience that simplifies the often-complex demands of wealth management.