Sharenjoy Enters the World of Digital Identity

Did You Know? In Spain, one in four people are impacted by virtual identity theft. Now that you know….Madrid-based microinsurance provider Sharenjoy announced the launch of DIfense, a cybersecurity service to protect the digital identity of professionals.



The venture is offered in partnership with data recovery laboratory Lazarus and with law firm LetsLaw. The Idea: DIfense will advise Lazarus’ clients on how to protect their accounts and passwords of email, social networks and online games against cyber-risks. Also, it will assign a euro value to ​​the digital brand based on an algorithm patented by Sharenjoy. This algo for dynamic valuation has been tested in the market by Sharenjoy cofounder Francisco Álvarez Cano in several financial entities such as Cecabank and Ibercaja. Turns out, this will allow DIfense to assess the monetary value of each message of each network, each account, or the integrated personal brand of influencers, celebrities, gamers, managers and professionals, whether they are freelancers or work for a company, to understand their market value and hence – the loss value – due to identity theft.



Bottom Line: the one that can assign an ID Value to PewDiePie.