RSA gets personal

British insurer RSA is getting personal ; offering insurance advice and quotes to anyone that can relate to Mark and Sarah. Who? Mark is a 29-year-old millennial living with his parents and dreaming of purchasing a condo in downtown Toronto. With the help of his parents, he will. Sarah is a 27-year old millennial that also just happened to purchase a condo, but in her case it’s “thanks to her great job”. Bottom Line: a content marketing initiative, where RSA gets to mention its coverage for electronics and golf clubs, its water proof coverage for sewer backup, its hassle free claim service, and its $500 service guarantee that customers can get if their first call on a new claim submission isn’t returned within 6 business hours. But that’s not all, there’s also earthquake coverage and a ‘greener home endorsement’ for those fancying environmental friendly alternatives to repair property damages. Watch. Speaking of RSA, they recently launched a configurable commercial insurance product targeting SMEs, with the help of Acturis, a SaaS player catering to the interests of insurance companies (think: AXA Germany, Home & Legacy and RSA).