rhion automates fraud investigations with FRISS Investigations

To automate their fraud investigation challenges, rhion, a business unit of the RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe and operating in the Netherlands since 2020, has opted for FRISS,  the most widely implemented fraud, risk and compliance solution for P&C insurers worldwide.

Rhion offers innovative insurances with high-quality services for private and business customers, in exclusive collaboration with nvga members. With the intended growth objectives, the experienced forces at rhion agreed that the processing of EVR reports and associated paperwork must be supported by means of modern technology. They were looking for a single point of truth solution and following market advice, they opted for FRISS Investigations.

“Rhion has an active fraud policy in place. FRISS Investigations will be an important link in streamlining our investigations in case of suspected fraud,” says Berend Jan Tempelman, Managing Director MGA at rhion. “Continuity, expertise and experience are of paramount importance to us. With the use of this proven solution, we can further improve the service to the authorized agents.”   

“Rhion has a great reputation when it comes to reliability towards their partners. Just like within FRISS, there is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience available. The company profiles are a perfect match,” Jeroen Morrenhof, FRISS CEO and co-founder, adds. “With FRISS Investigations, rhion can automate and centralize their anti-fraud activities with a solution specifically designed for fraud investigators. This results in significant time savings and reduces the chance of errors, which will only increase reliability.”

About rhion

rhion: the insurer for the authorized agent market

As the insurer for the authorized agent market, its strength lies in the close collaboration with authorized agent partners. Rhion relies on their experience, competence and quality. This is combined with the strength of the people behind the rhion brand: expertise, enthusiasm and curiosity. From the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, which is their home base, they work on the special long-term relationship that rhion strives for with its partners.

Rhion is the only insurer in the Netherlands that focuses entirely on NVGA’s authorized agents, with the clear advantage that there is no competition from its own rhion distribution channel. As a brand of the German RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe, rhion offers its partners a rock-solid foundation: more than 140 years of experience in insurance, an innovative spirit and a stable strategy. Its strength is also reflected in the solid A+ rating that has been awarded year on year.

Rhion stands for top quality. Flexible, fast and loyal – with those characteristics, rhion stands side by side with the authorized agents. Rhion has ambitious growth targets. After the successful introduction of basic products for private customers, the focus is broadening to the business segment. In 2022, it intends to introduce business liability insurance, business interruption insurance, commercial building and equipment insurance and environmental damage insurance.

Rhion stands for finding solutions together. Its strong service orientation and reliability is what partners appreciate about rhion. Together with them, rhion strives to find strong solutions, as the insurer for the market of authorized agents. More information is available at www. rhion.nl


FRISS is 100% focused on automated fraud, risk and compliance solutions for P&C insurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered solutions are available for Underwriting, Claims, and SIU, offering support for full end-to-end digital processing.

With over 300 implementations across more than 40 countries, FRISS is seen as a trusted advisor, guaranteeing a safe digital transformation for all of their customers, and unique tailoring of solutions to fit their specific needs. Carriers can expect a seamless integration and products that provide a quick time to value (TTV). 

Now, with $65 Million from their Series B funding round in 2021, FRISS will be able to continue offering their customers state-of-the-art technology to guide carriers through an ever-changing fraud landscape. For more information, visit www.friss.com.

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