RGAX launches wellness platform Tngible

RGAX announced the launch of Tngible , a wellness platform that helps life insurers better engage with customers by providing access to real-time data, health education, and personalized protection products. Tngible is a white label solution that connects to different portable devices to record the physical activity of customers, using this data to inform about recommended healthy routines and available insurance policies that they can buy online without leaving the application.

“We know that customers often find insurance confusing and complicated, so we wanted life insurance to be as simple, transparent and tangible as possible. We have created a solution that allows insurers to offer a unique customer experience in personal insurance from the onboarding to the contracting process.” – Director of Innovation, RGAX EMEA, Emmanuel Djengue.

By incorporating the latest advances in behavioral science, Tngible has created a health currency model that allows clients to see how their lifestyle improves as they adopt healthier habits. The currency is reflected in the application and can be converted into rewards for the user. Along with the ‘health coin’ rewards system, the platform also has a strong social and gamification component that provides scores to users. Through challenges and the “bring a friend” program, Tngible is able to improve customer loyalty and referrals.

The Tngible launch will be carried out first for the Spanish Life and Health insurance market.