Radius Bank Now Offers Lemonade

Boston-based Radius Bank, which offers digital banking services, announced the launch of its enhanced online banking platform and Radius Mobile app.



As a part of the upgrade, Radius personal banking clients now enjoy improvements to the user experience, enhancements to the mobile check deposit and bill payment features, ability to directly link Venmo accounts to make P2P payments, expanded digital tools for budgeting and tracking financial health, and access to a “curated marketplace” that includes “fintechs Lemonade and Billshark” to help clients lower their insurance premiums and monthly bills.



These new offerings were made possible thanks to a partnership the Bank established with NYC-based fintech company Narmi . Founded in 2016, Narmi helps banks and credit unions deliver a better digital banking experience by offering solutions that include mobile banking, online banking, digital account opening and banking APIs. Narmi also offers “fintech partnerships” that allow companies to unlock new revenue sources, which are integrated into the mobile and online banking applications.





Bottom Line: An indirect partnership but as they say – all roads lead to Rome.