PolicyBazaar Injects $50M in HealthTech Venture

Meet appointment booking platform DocPrime :

Think: The latest healthcare venture by Policybazaar that (1) operates in the space of Practo, and (2) provides consumers with free access to doctors and medical consultants over the phone or via chat. “Our foray into the healthcare services space is in sync with the vision of expanding the social security net of India. With this venture, we seek to fulfill the need of providing quality and affordable healthcare of the burgeoning population at large by connecting the consumers with our in-house medical practitioners. The new portal will facilitate the creation of an inclusive healthcare system, which will eventually offer customized options for in-patient department insurance based on detailed analysis undertaken after studying consumer healthcare habits and patient’s interactions with the doctors.” – Cofounder and CEO, Policybazaar.com,Yashish Dahiya.

In the short term, it aims to offer 5m outpatient expenses (OPD) consultations over the next year. And in the long run, it plans to work with insurers to create a new category of health insurance for OPD.

Bottom Line: “invest big, and think long-term.”