Pet Insurance Comparison Site Epetsure is Up

Meet epetsure:


The San Diego-based company announced its re-launch today as it looks to build a “pet insurance marketplace aimed at helping millennial pet parents protect their four legged best friends”. Perhaps ‘re-launch’ because this is how the site used to look like in 2016:


Coverager gave it a try and at the moment epetsure acts as a lead gen to pet insurance providers including FIGO, Nationwide and Petplan to name three. Speaking of pet insurance, Nationwide announced a new perk to its pet insurance policyholders. By perk, think app. The insurer collaborated with VitusVet to offer members access to its mobile app for easy pet insurance claims submission. Did you know that Nationwide has a chief pet insurance officer? Scott Liles is the name and here’s what he had to say: “The mobile app provides efficient, real-time claims submission functionality for our members and it is also ideal in a medical emergency when a veterinarian needs accurate and current medical information about a pet’s health history.”