Meet Roadie , the Atlanta-based On-The-Way delivery service with $15M in funding.




The company, established in 2015 and led by Marc Gorlin, connects drivers to senders and allows to ship almost anything; cupcakes and kittens included. Just recently, Roadie announced that it’s deepening its relationship with Delta, expanding its creative bag delivery service from 12 to 50 states and allowing customers to receive real-time status updates on their delayed bag

“At best, any delayed bag is a hassle for a customer. We get that, so we’ve made investments and developed some out-of-the-box partnerships to take some of the stress out of that hassle by making the process of getting that bag easier. The response from customers and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. We knew we were on to something when we saw delivery times drop by around 65% compared to traditional delivery services, and baggage service customer satisfaction scores jump dramatically.” – COO of Delta, Gil West.

Last, Roadie claims that its insurance “is designed to protect senders first and foremost” and that drivers are responsible for all claims and necessary contacts with their insurance carrier in the event of a motor vehicle accident or other liability claim. Roadie covers gigs of up to $500 with the option to purchase additional protection of up to $10K from UPS Capital.

Bottom Line: Think big, start small, learn fast.