Papa collaborates with Aetna

Papa has announced its collaboration with Aetna .

Established in 2017, Papa connects local college students, known as “Papa Pals,” to older adults who need help with companionship, house chores and technology lessons. Certain Medicare Advantage members who live in Florida and have one or more chronic conditions will be eligible to receive assistance with Papa Pals starting January 1, 2020.

“Social isolation is a crisis, especially among seniors. We want to make sure they remain connected to their communities and have a sense of purpose and belonging in their lives, and a sense they are continuing to contribute to society. Papa Pals are a great way to help seniors do this.” – Dr. Robert Mirsky, Chief Medical Officer for Aetna Medicare.

Bottom Line: Papa has recently secured $10 million in Series A and also has a pilot in place with Humana.