Allianz Partners and Aetna International form new partnership deal

Allianz Partners announced a preferred partnership deal that will see it take on the majority of Aetna International’s health insurance portfolio outside the Americas, Thailand, and India. Customers include large multinationals, SMEs and private families.

Allianz Partners is also taking on a number of Aetna International employees whose expertise will help ensure a smooth transition.

Allianz Partners and Aetna International are working closely together, and with the global broker community, to make the migration as easy and seamless as possible for customers. Customers will migrate to Allianz Partners at their policy renewal date and detailed migration plans are in place for the next 12-16 months, as customers will come up for renewal at different times throughout the year. Brokers and policyholders will be provided with new, comparable policy terms from Allianz Partners around 6-8 weeks before their renewal date. Preparations are already well progressed for the first migrations which will start in July this year.

Allianz Partners is keeping things as consistent, simple, and straightforward as possible for these new customers, providing a proposition that matches and in some cases offers more to customers than their current cover. Allianz Partners will offer the same service and flexibility to brokers as Aetna International and also support moratorium underwriting for migrating clients who are already on those terms. There will also be an enhanced well-being offering, at no extra cost, including comprehensive cover for chronic conditions, a second medical opinion, oncology case management, and a digital health check-up for preventive care.