Pacific Life launches advisory annuities through DPL Financial Partners

Pacific Life announced today that the company’s two fee-based, advisory annuities, Pacific Odyssey® and Pacific Index Advisory®, are now available through DPL Financial Partners insurance network for independent registered investment advisers (RIAs).

“With recent market volatility, we know that RIAs are looking for strategies to deliver protection and lifetime income options as their clients transition from wealth accumulation to distribution,” said Doug Mantelli, vice president of RIA Strategy at Pacific Life. “Pacific Life is excited to work with DPL to expand access to our products and solutions to RIAs.”

With a membership model that streamlines access to commission-free insurance and annuities, DPL’s turnkey insurance platform enables RIAs and fee-only advisers to easily compare and implement solutions into their holistic planning process.

“As we continue to bring commission-free products from top carriers to the RIA market, we are thrilled to offer Pacific Life’s no-load annuities to DPL members,” said DPL Founder and CEO David Lau. “In these challenging markets, the value of annuities for secure income becomes increasingly apparent.”

Pacific Odyssey, Pacific Life’s fee-based, advisory variable annuity, offers individuals the ability to grow retirement savings through tax deferral, convert assets to lifetime retirement income, and leave a financial legacy through a guaranteed death benefit. RIAs can build a diversified portfolio that meets their clients’ needs and manages their investment strategies by transferring among a diverse selection of investment options.

Pacific Index Advisory, a fee-based, fixed indexed annuity, is designed for clients who want to protect principal while giving them the opportunity to grow contract value through market-based interest crediting. Clients will never lose principal due to market performance as this product is not a security, and their money is not directly invested in the market. Plus, any interest earned because of positive index performance is added to the contract value and protected from any future market downturns. In addition, the rates and caps for Pacific Index Advisory do not change throughout the entire length of the initial guaranteed period.

DPL Financial Partners and Pacific Life are separate, unaffiliated firms that are not responsible for each other’s services or policies.