Owlcam Partners with CSAA Around Claims

CSAA and Owl Cameras announced a partnership to improve the claims experience for customers by leveraging Owlcam’s Video First Notice of Loss (vFNOL) feature. As part of the partnership, CSAA will give customers the option to report, share video footage and open an insurance claim directly from the Owlcam mobile app.

When a crash or break-in is detected in a car with an equipped Owlcam, a video clip is instantly sent to the driver’s phone. Within the Owlcam App, customers can live view footage captured by the camera to see what is happening in real time from anywhere. The video proof can then be shared with insurance companies as well as police arriving on the scene.

“Owlcam has revolutionized automotive security with real-time video over 4G LTE. We see our video helping people every day. You can see hundreds of examples on our website. Helping those drivers plug straight into CSAA Insurance Group is just one way to make these sadly unavoidable events something that drivers can do something about. We’re proud to be working with CSAA Insurance Group to make that moment of truth better both for them and their customers.” – Owlcam’s CEO Andy Hodge.

“CSAA Insurance Group is excited to partner with Owlcam to be able to offer an innovative new service that will provide value to AAA Members with a seamless customer experience in documenting and reporting a claim. Video is a powerful tool in the claims process, and we are proud to be able to integrate Owlcam’s technology to transform the way members manage their risks and deal with life’s uncertainties.” – Cal Hankins, vice president of claims, CSAA Insurance Group.

Bottom Line: A backer and a user.