Orange partners with Zurich Seguros

After announcing the launch of its mobile banking service in Spain late last year, telecommunications operator Orange has signed a long-term strategic alliance with Zurich Seguros, which will allow the company to enter the insurance market under the brand Orange Seguros by Zurich in the second half of 2020. Orange will offer different insurance products to its more than 20 million users.

“This agreement is part of a strategic plan that seeks to expand and diversify the services we offer, increasing value for our clients, and we do it hand in hand with a benchmark in the sector of insurance like Zurich. This collaboration will provide our clients with access to the insurer’s portfolio of services under very advantageous conditions ” – Laurent Paillassot, CEO of Orange Spain.

“Zurich’s strategy and its growth in the digital field has always been a constant. Now, in moments of uncertainty like the one we live with COVID-19, the challenge and opportunity to develop new innovative protection formulas presents itself. Thanks to the agreement with Orange, the highest benchmark in the world of telecommunications, we will have the capacity and strength to do so.” – Vicente Cancio, CEO of Zurich Seguros.