One Call Insurance Partners with Roost to Disrupt the UK’s Home Insurance Market Introducing “One Call Smart Home”


One Call Insurance, one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing insurance brokers, today announced it has formed a partnership with Roost. The companies will disrupt the home insurance market with the introduction of Roost’s Home Telematics Solution across One Call’s home insurance product lines and new One Call Smart Home initiative .


One Call Smart Home has come to fruition as a result of years of research and development. The strategic new partnership will support One Call’s drive for better product differentiation, increased customer acquisition, as well as improved service provision and engagement. Initially, One Call will offer Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detectors as well as Roost Smart 9V Batteries with new home insurance policies bought direct, and in a UK first, via its aggregator partners. With five insurers currently onboard, One Call expects this to grow to whole-of-panel ahead of launch. It also plans to continually evolve the aforementioned products as well as bring new products to market over the coming year.


Not only will the deployment of Roost Smart Sensors help policyholders better mitigate the cost and hassle of fire, smoke and water leak related claims, they also send the industry a strong signal that One Call is a leader in the smart insurance trend. In addition, One Call Insurance will strengthen their engagement with new policyholders through Roost’s co-branded One Call mobile app, recently enhanced with emergency weather alerts.


“We are always looking for innovative ways to protect policyholders, stay a step ahead of the industry, and offer insurance packages that deliver unmatched features and value,” said Nathan Robinson (Aggregator Relationship Manager) for One Call Insurance. “By incorporating Roost’s platform and smart sensors into our offerings we are not only helping improve safety and security, we are protecting our consumers’ assets and looking to help reduce claims costs for our Insurance panel.”


The award-winning Roost Smart 9V Battery is a simple retrofit solution that transforms existing smoke alarms into smart alarms. If the alarm sounds and no one is home, a smartphone notification via the co-branded One Call Roost app is delivered to single or multiple recipients, as well as the underwriting insurer, to help minimise damage and loss. The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is designed to sense water leaks as well as humidity and freezing temperature situations. Easily locate in places around the home most prone to water leaks such as sinks, hot water heaters, toilets and various appliances. These Wi-Fi enabled smart sensors don’t require a hub and set up in less than five minutes.


“Roost’s Connected Home Telematics Platform and Smart Sensors are helping insurers around the world drive customer acquisition and engagement, and we are excited to have One Call be the first to bring that advantage to the on-line aggregator market in the UK,” said Roel Peeters, co-founder and CEO of Roost. “We look forward to helping One Call and its network put our platform, smart sensors and alerts to work mitigating loss and better informing and protecting policy holders throughout the United Kingdom.”


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